Guinea Pigs Are The McDonalds Of The Animal World

Does anybody know how Guineau Pigs are still alive?


Seriously, we all know that nature endows all animals with some form of gift which allows them to get by in this big bad world. Sharp teeth, claws, camouflage, the ability to run fast or hide in small holes – each one is able, somehow and some way to keep their shit together.


So how are Guinea Pigs still alive?


Think about it, they don’t have anything going for them apart from the fact that they are cute but I am guessing that your average carnivore does not give a damn whether its dinner is adorable or not – so again, how exactly did they make it this far?

The IFAAgency

They can’t run, are too fat to hide down cracks, don’t have the teeth or claws and I’m assuming don’t do hiding very well (too fat)


All of which just makes it a numbers game – they must just try to breed themselves into existence through sheer size of offspring.


Which leads me to the conclusion that Guinea Pigs must be mother nature’s version of McDonalds. Convenient, easy to get hold of and if not fast food then certainly slow food 

My Story

Hi everyone!

My name is Amber and after months of planning and work I have decided to bring omBlog to life as my own little space of the interwebs in the hope that it will help to encourage and inspire.

To give a little context, and to help those who are in those situations, I’ll give a little background on myself to help you understand my perspective:

I’m a recent graduate of Finance and Economics from the University of Auckland, and within my degree have dabbled in everything from History and FTVMS to French and Russian languages, which I adore. When I left high school and started out my degree, like many young people I was determined to make a difference in the world- I saw so much injustice through my time with Amnesty International at my school, and through involvement in Environmental Projects and I simply couldn’t believe that people could cause so much destruction to other human beings and to the planet, so I was determined to pretty much run the world!

Throughout my study I worked in the health and fitness industry, both on the customer service side, and also teaching Zumba fitness and dance. Also throughout this time and the preceding two years I suffered constant illness- recurrent chest infections; migraines and headaches almost every day and various other issues, along with a general feeling of exhaustion. Of course it all multiplied every time stressful events like exams came around, rendering me barely capable of moving let alone memorising grammar and political quotes.  Top that all off with years of bad posture; lack of stretching and injuries that were never taken care of and voilà you can add debilitating back spasms and constant back and leg pain to the mix…

The lovely results of acupuncture and cupping to help heal my completely ruined back muscles.

The thing I realised is that I’m not some single random person that happens to have lost favour with Lady Luck and drawn the short straw for health- these kinds of problems are happening all the time, to everyone… and they’re not isolated either! This experience woke me up to the fact that the thing people destroy more than anything else is themselves.

This realisation (along with the hit of reality studying politics- change takes time….and lots and lots of paperwork!) has lead me to radically alter my intended career path. Where previously I had been adamant that what the world needed was some great leaders or some kind of environmental-human-animal-rightsy-activist-type messiah to lead positive global change; now I see that the biggest changes can come from people making positive changes in their own lives. Is it any wonder that we have such cruelty, such lack of compassion, and such apathy when so much of the world is plagued by a constant struggle every day? A struggle within themselves- both mentally and physically?

Delicious fresh home made beetroot, carrot and celery juice to help me on my happy, healthy journey

As a result, I have decided to make it my mission in life to help raise awareness of and promote the healthy, balanced life style so many of us are missing out on. I firmly believe (yes, the most useful thing I learned from a BA- writing a persuasive argument!) that a healthy, balanced life style can drastically improve health; quality of life and quality of mind; and I believe that healthy, happy people make positive influences in the world around them, both on a personal and political level.

So I’m on a mission to create happy people!

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